Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty Facts of POTUS News


Are you interested in political news? Even a little bit? Do you find yourself reading those juicy articles about politics more than your should? I was doing that thinking I was actually being informed. It is almost impossible to separate out good journalism from sensationalism and people trying to promote their own agendas. You cannot even trust the traditional news sites. They all have a bias and will spin news to sell advertising. I have been visiting to find article sources for specific topics to be able to read more than one account of each story. The filter option lets me load Trump news articles from sources I am more confident in and ignore the rest. It makes it so I do not have to jump around from site to site to search too.

You know the two big news outlets on cable. One is conservative and one is liberal. Both promote that they offer balanced reporting, but that is not always the case. You can find clues by reading the same news article topics offered by more independent news agencies with a different political bent. Additional details come out that one or both of the big agencies may choose to ignore. Leaving out information, in my opinion, is just as bad as adding to a story. Spin is adjusting the “facts” you report to suit your bias or outright prejudice. This is why it is good to have a source for news that shows all the major outlet articles on a topic in one spot. It makes it so much easier to compare and get to the real root of the facts in question.

Trump is no stranger to controversy. It seems that he may even enjoy it. I am not saying he is capable of doing an excellent job or poor job. I just want to know exactly what my president is doing without an editorial being hidden in every news story.